Meet Channele Meliane Amawi

One of the visionary minds behind Helenika Travels - Detox and vitality coach, yoga and meditation teacher, skin and spa specialist, women's empowerment coach, longterm student of Advaita Vedanta  as well as beautician and aestheticist.

After successfully founding the highly reputed retreat centre Mariagarden in 'Sweden, hosting over 70 retreats across a span of 10 years, as well as her beauty clinic Pink Garden in Oslo, Norway, Channele has the last years set her sight on luxurious and boutique detox and healing travel experiences globally for bigger groups and for smaler private assignments.

Meet Tariq EQ Amawi 

The other visionary mind behind Helenika Travels - Tariq is a unique facilitator with a diverse set of skills. - a gifted speaker, writer, musician, life coach and student of movement. He has spoken around the world at TEDx, the Stockholm School of Economics, and progressive, international festivals such as Ancient Futures and Bali Spirit. He was awarded a scholarship for classical guitar at the Royal College of Music in London and has won international spoken word and poetry competitions. During retreats he holds the lively ‘Manifestation Mastery’, all about how as human beings we architect our reality through our spoken words, unspoken thoughts and emotions. Tariq, with over 8 years of parkour training, also hosts animal movement workshops - jungle movements for mindful humans, which increase coordination, global strength, agility and ‘prehab’ the body against injury. Tariq has hosted close to 20 retreats together with Channele. 

Adventure much?

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