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Liquid Light Experience



If you'd like everything to be thought of, taken care of for you and arranged for you,


where you can switch off your logical, planning mind and be immersed in a dream-like journey floating from one enchanting experience to the next, then this is for you.


You'll be amazed how much your health as well as your perspective on life can change in 10 days.

We have had many people who have gone on to change their lives in bold and measurable ways following one of our retreats.


One couple changed their relationship to food so much, they returned home and threw out the contents of their fridge to start afresh!

We see ourselves as catalysts for lasting change and deep, delicious shifts toward your best life.

A stay with us is much more than a holiday. It's an education, an inner journey, a nurturing and healing as well as a profound sense of joy, peace and calm that will remain with you long after. 

And the best part, you are invited to join us!

We're taking you to Bali!

Imagine this,

You wake up after a fantastic night's sleep to birds chirping as sun streams in through the surrounding jungle and pours into your beautiful room, warming your face. You walk out to see a glass of Helenika high-grade green juice and a shot of herbal tonic waiting for you.

After this you roll out your yoga mat and treat your body to some gentle stretching and movement readying you for the day ahead. 

As soon as yoga ends, you notice the breakfast table has already been set. A buffet of the creamiest chia pudding with exotic fruits and another fresh Helenika liquid light juice are at your seat. The rest of the group is there, laughing and smiling. You feel some of them may become friends for life.

You finish your meal, jump into your private outdoor shower and throw on some clothes. The drivers are already waiting to take you to your first unforgettable excursion. 

Everything has been arranged with love and meticulous detail. 

What follows are sights, sounds, educational lessons on detox and nutrition as well as fun outings and trips all while being treated to the most delicious and energizing food you've had.

You wind down with a movie night and herbal tea ready to curl up in your comfy bed and continue the adventure the following day, and the next, and the next...

This is what a stay with us is like. 

Why do we choose to do these life-changing retreats in Bali?

* Incredible tropical nature

While our stay is in a modern, luxury villa, the stunning nature of Bali is always close at hand and we will make sure you see the beaches, the rice fields, clifftops, the jungles and temples and other exciting sights this magical island has to offer.

* Best plant-based food everrr!

You will dine and feast on the most sumptuous, mouth-watering food you've ever tried that not only looks and tastes great, but is super healthy for you due to the volcanic soil and the local sourcing of the produce. We know the best spots and we'll visit them all!

* One of a kind destinations

We've been around the world, and the combination in Bali of sacred water temples, to the sound-healing journeys of the Pyramids of Chi, to the otherworldly sights of the Royal Pitamaha, to the artisanal shopping in Ubud and Canggu, to the day-time dance parties, make this our #1 fav spot to host these getaways.

* Magic in the air

Bali's special energies make it an ideal place to experience transformation. The magnetic and hightened vibe can be felt all around and we've had some of the most profound moments on this mystical island.

Here are some other reasons you might want to join this experience


Make new life-long friendships

 As you go through and grow through our tailor-made experience and transformation formula together, you're likely to create bonds of friendship that can last a lifetime.


Give your beloved body a well-deserved, delicious detox

Our signature 4 day cleanse is a juice FEAST rather than a fast. Each juice contains approx 3kg of cold-pressed vegetables and will leave you feeling nourished and your skin radiant.


Eat the most incredible, gourmet plant-based meals you've had in your life

We're confident once you FEEL just how satisfying healthy living can be, it will forever change your relationship to food and connect you more deeply with your body.

From the sound-healing immersions of the Pyramids of Chi to the cleansing ritual at the Tirtha Empul holy water temple, to the Cacak traditional Balinese dance around the fire, you will create rich memories that will last a lifetime.


Experience enchanting destinations that you can only find in Bali

Where We're Staying -

Your Oasis amid the Jungle

To ensure you have the best possible experience with us, we have exclusive use of one of our absolute favourite private villas in Bali. Boasting a modern and spacious open design, it's the perfect surrounding to relax into.


We will have spa therapists at the ready, as well as a full staff to handle all your needs.


The villa itself has ample room for movement and yoga, multiple dining areas, a gorgeous pool, large sitting area with TV for showing documentaries and wonderfully comfy rooms with air-conditioning.


We also have drivers to take us to all our chosen spots throughout the stay.

Here's what you get during your all-inclusive stay with us!

  • Airport pick up and drop off

  • Printed program guide

  • Cold towel and welcome drink upon arrival

  • Luxury 9 night, 10 day stay

  • Private villa for guests only

  • 4 day Helenika cold-pressed, premium juice cleanse

  • Daily yoga and stretching as well as animal movement classes

  • Daily tropical breakfast of chia pudding, healthy elixirs and exotic fruits

  • Guided meditations

  • Yogic philosophy and Advaita Vedanta workshops

  • Nutrition and detox protocols workshops

  • Manifestation and belief reprogramming workshops

  • Evening movie nights and documentaries

  • Beach trips

  • Shopping trips in Ubud and Canggu

  • Balinese dance

  • Holy water temple blessing

  • Sound immersion journey at the Pyramids of Chi

  • Nature walks in Bali's most beautiful spots

  • Dining at Bali's best vegetarian restaurants

  • Spa therapists available throughout stay for treatments in villa

  • Private drivers to take us everywhere we need to go

  • Private coaching sessions available upon request

What our previous travelers have to say


Only 18 spaces available!


Private room €2600

Shared room €2000

Adventure much?

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