July 5, 2019

Let us carry you into the mysterious jungles of Bali!
To the island of the Gods. To a new beginning✨ 
A new opportunity to transform your life, to look within yourself while being in a beautiful environment.

An 11 days immersion into the depth of who you truly are...

February 11, 2019

We are now on our second week of a mitochondrial cleanse.
Had to survive some expected headaches and other detox effects which is quite normal and part of the detox. You feel worse before you feel better.

Other than that, I already feel increased energy and more flow...

January 29, 2019

Ready for some liquid light therapy in the form of an 11 days detox, juice and yoga retreat in a beautiful tropical 🏝environment?

Away from stress, darkness and cold weather!

Last year we hosted 12 of these detox retreats all over the globe and I felt so amazing...