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MY 'STAY Healthy & SLIM' HOLIDAY TIPS & tricks. 

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Start your new year with a personalised 2 week

Weight-loss Challenge!

(Scroll to the bottom to see my list of the key points in this recording!)

An online program for you who wish to reach and enhance your optimal potential for health, wellbeing, longevity, and spiritual awareness, as well as for those with a specific wish to lose unwanted weight.

  • A 1 on 1 private, coaching, consultation and health evaluation. This is usually 60 minutes, but may be longer or shorter depending on individual needs. Here we map out your challenges and your strenghts and tailor-make a program for you. (€222 value)

  • 2 recorded video training sessions aimed to educate and give you a full understanding of how you lose weight in a healthy, gentle, safe and sustainable way. (€80 value)

  • A 20 minute personal follow up and check in during the last half of the challenge. (€120 value)

  • Direct access to my personal messenger for support and to answer your questions throughout the challenge.


  • My recommended supplement prescriptions based on our consultation and your personal goals.


  • Private Facebook community page by invitation only, where you can find support from other members and ask questions directly to me during the program.


  • Charts and a quiz you can print out and deepen your understanding around your personal needs diet and how to live in a healthy balanced state and sustain it.


  • My top recipes, posted one a day, in the online group on Facebook.


  • My favorite body hacks and routines, given to you each day for the duration of the challenge.

  • Videos for yoga and breath exercises especially for weight loss and a boosted metabolism. (€60 value)

what you get

Weight-loss Challenge!

NOW ONLY €222!

The program provides you with a comprehensive understanding of how you can reach higher levels of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and a natural, tailor-made pathway to reach your optimal well-being.


For 16 years, I've been a holistic health practitioner, detox coach, healer, feminine empowerment guide, yogini, and wisdom keeper of the Vedic teachings. I've been integrating the best of different healing traditions I've encountered, to give my clients a fully multi-disciplined, multi-cultural approach to holistic improvement.


In addition to my experience as a global facilitator of transformational detox and yoga retreats, I specialise not only in helping people reach their highest state of well-being, but also helping people embrace their full potential as a human being walking this earth at this time, invoking latent potential and shedding the layers of what no longer serves us. Layer by layer we heal.


In this two week course, I reveal the real keys to holistic healing and optimal health.


A holistic approach to weigh loss includes looking at all levels of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues that needs to be addressed to reach your highest levels of wellness.


The weight loss challange serves as a way of providing a gentle and sustainable approach to weight loss - one with deeper teachings around healing our relationship with food so we can experience a healed relationship to our body and daily life.


In this program, you will get a broader understanding of nutrition so that you can make your best informed nutritional health choices.


I offer sophisticated lifestyle advice and coaching based upon years of multi-discipline and multi-cultural background expertise.


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This weight loss challenge is a special offering for those who have chosen to make a serious commitment to retrieve optimal health and undergo a safe weight-loss.

It is not merely a course that lasts online for two weeks. It is a major commitment to take oneself to a whole new level and quality of life. This program has the potential to spiral you upwards towards your highest goal and potential.


By entering this program, you must have a strong intent to reach your highest goal, committed to bee loyal towards your own goals, emotional, and spiritual commitment to sustain yourself on every level and take the full opportunity this program has for you. 

I will challenge you and keep you accountable. This program is put together with the intention of you to love yourself enough to want to heal yourself.


Blessings to your health and spiritual wellbeing, 

Channele Meliane Amawi



It was hard to only write down 6 tips as I want to give you the most value possible. Here are some of my favorite "staying healthy in the holiday's" tricks:

  • Don’t overeat – eat slow - chew your food. Use a smaller plate when you portion your food.

  • Food combinations. Not all foods go well together. Pay attention to what you combine with what. Eat vegetables and fruits separately. Make sure to get RAW fruits and vegetables every day that are not heated over 43 degrees.

  • Boost your inner fire by adding spices to your diet. Ginger, cayenne, chili and garlic.

  • Swoop don’t stop. Swopping your food products out with a healthier option.

  • Drink one cup of hot water 40 minutes after every meal. Never drink cold beverages or water.

  • Avoid snacking. Make yourself a little ritual once a day where you fully allow yourself to enjoy.

  • Intermittent fasting. The 7/11 diet. Breaking you're fast slowly.




Side trick 1.: Cut a little piece of ginger, add drops of lemon, sea salt and honey and eat it before you eat a meal to boost metabolism.


Side trick 2.: Always have a box of enzyme pills handy to take after a heavier meal.


Side trick 3.: If you find yourself feeling low and out of balance after too much sugar and toxic foods, have a glass of activated charcoal or a bigger glass of freshly squeezed green juice to quickly alkalize your body so you come into balance again.

And last but not least; enjoy the holidays.

Enjoy each other and take care of your beautiful body.

🎄Merry Christmas 🎄

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