Ideal for weight loss, beginning a new chapter in life, boosting your health & finding inner balance

Transformational Detox & Yoga Retreat in Bali 
18th - 25th of March 2020 - A liquid light experience

This is our signature retreat and the one we’ve built our reputation and name on. Having delivered and hosted over 60 retreats, consider us experts in your tranquility. We’ve been honing and crafting this particular journey to make it an unforgettable and very often life-changing experience. At the end you won’t know what did it. Was it that guided meditation where you slipped out of time and space? Was it that music journey that carried you away to blissful melodic serenity? Was it that relaxing yoga session that opened your body and released years of tension? Was it that nourishing food that filled you with great vibes or the juice cleanse? Was it those day trips where you made lifelong new friendships? Or was it maybe, just maybe, all of the above?

Ready for more energy? Peace of mind?

Clarity in life? A healthier, happier body? 

You deserve this. Let us focus on you. It’s time to relax and receive.


  • 10 -11 days full detox program

  • 4 days green juice/smoothie cleanse included!

  • Raw food and superfood plant-based diet

  • Non-Cooking demos

  • Detox and nutrition classes

  • Daily Yoga, and Yoga Philosophy

  • Breathing techniques and relaxation

  • Guided Meditation sessions and mindfulness

  • Beginner-friendly Animal Movement classes

  • Manifestation/ Law of attraction workshops

  • Mindful movie nights

  • Excursions

  • Wonderful Spa and Healing treatments

Our retreat works on you like a deep massage. The magic isn’t in one stroke, but in the continuous touch and care that, by the end, releases and rejuvenates your whole being. Many of the participants who’ve joined us have lost weight, healed deep personal situations, or have gone on to pursue exciting new ventures, and directions in life when they return home. We often have people return again and again to get another dose of delicious living. This is a catalyzing event for anyone looking to make lasting, powerful and positive shifts in their lives while being supported and guided by people who care about you and your wellbeing. We have progressive documentaries and mindful movie nights. We offer cooking and kitchen demos so you can learn the secrets of healthy eating as well as lots of beginner-friendly movement classes and workshops to manifest your dreams and release limiting thoughts and set new inspiring goals. Oh, and we'll flood your body with cold pressed green juices and smoothies!

Let's Get Juicy!

Our mission was to create a holiday where you look and feel much better after the holiday than you do going into it. Inspiration, energy, vibrance and vitality are one booking away. This immersive boutique, luxury experience is at the heart of what makes us Helenika. From the outset it was our goal to give people a taste of heaven on Earth, and that’s exactly what this is. Imagine every little detail taken care of for you. Staying in an opulent sanctuary. No planning. No organising. Nothing to prepare or do. Simply join us and every lovingly crafted moment will be yours to keep. You’ll be whisked from one gorgeous adventure to the next while being served a banquet of beautiful colourful food, friendship and fun. Whether taking a walk through the rice fields or receiving blessings at the water temple in Bali, lazing in the sun, swimming or doing gentle yoga in the private villas we rent, we know you’ll appreciate every bit of it. You’ll not only have a beautiful and luxurious stay, you’ll come home with all the tools and knowledge to greatly improve your health and habits back home, for good.

consider us experts in your tranquility

Meet your guides


Manifestation. Movement. Guided Meditation. Music.

Tariq EQ Amawi

Tariq has been a keen practitioner of movement for 10 years. He also holds a number of workshops on reprogramming beliefs and the science of deliberate manifestation. 


Tariq is an experienced space holder capable to uncovering limiting beliefs and assisting others in moving through them. 



Tariq EQ Amawi


Yoga. Philosophy. Detox. Mindfulness. Nutrition. Self-care.

Channele Meliane Amawi

Yoga. Philosophy. Detox. Mindfulness. Nutrition. Self-care.

Channele holds a YTT 600 hours yoga instructor qualification and has facilitated and hosted over 70 retreats. She is also a masterful space-holder with a learned intuition for what individuals need to push through any limiting belief patterns and is a catalysing presence for transformation. She is also a detox and vitality coach, and a raw food chef. She also has a backround as a skin and spa therapist. 



Channele Meliane Amawi

We only place our guests in gorgeous,

hand-picked private estates.

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