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Lions Gate
A multidimensional detox

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Welcome to a retreat for you who are more of a spiritual traveler, where you can step into the full potential as the earth angel you truly are. Allow us to introduce you to Lions Gate - a multidimensional detox. 


If you have been to one of our detox retreats in the past, consider that snorkeling. This is the scuba dive and is meant only for those who feel called to go deep. This is a multidimensional detox where we detox through more than just the cleansing foods.


Sometimes we also need to look at what toxic belief systems need to be cleansed out, what habits need to go. And other aspects of our lives to live a more harmonious and balanced life. This is why we describe this retreat as a "multidimensional detox". 

Lions Gate is an immersive retreat in southern France from the 27th of December to the 2nd of January. 

This retreat is aimed at catapulting you towards your true calling, your alignment with spirit, and your highest path.

This signature experience is a transcendent journey with healing foods, deep-dive workshops in healthy living, skilled musicianship, sacred circle, visits to sacred sights, and healing ceremonies.


The level of self-inquiry and reflection that you will be granted access to is designed to awaken you. This has the potential to change your life forever by upgrading your conscious software which can ripple out through your life, connecting you with your hidden potential here at this time, and strengthening the bridge between spirit and matter. Once through the gate, you view life from a higher lens.


Some people stay in the shallow waters, and some crave deeper seas. The greatest treasures often lie sunken beneath the persona we present socially. Such treasures do not float on the surface. They have to be unearthed. It is only by taking an honest dive within your own self that you find what you truly are looking for - you are always only looking for yourself, and to feel the connection to your own divine ancestry.

Are you ready for a life-changing, consciousness-opening experience? 

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 “When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds, and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. They will be known as the Warriors of the Rainbow”

Cree Indian Prophecy

Are you among these conscious warriors now beginning to awaken on our planet? Maybe your mission here is far greater than you had imagined. We all contain a seed of untold magnitude, yet few are able to see through the haze and fog of their conditioning clearly enough to recognize all they are meant for. If seeking release from traumas or old wounding through average living is like taking the main highway, the long way around, then this journey is the shortcut through the woods. 


We are living in a time on earth where we are facing many challenges.

 We have been destroying this planet to the extent that if this continues we will no longer have a planet to call home. True transformation happens within and it is only by transcending our own inner pain that we transform how we see and treat our planet and our fellow brothers and sisters on it. What is on the outside is a direct reflection of what is on the inside, therefore it is essential that we all heal our inner wounds and pain to restore balance within ourselves and in so doing, on our planet, Mother Earth. It is in transforming and transcending our given story that we begin authoring our own. Then we truly can access our divine blueprint and incarnate our highest potential.

This is not a doorway for kittens.


Lions Gate is for everyone, though not everyone is for this retreat. It must be stated, this work can be intense as it’s a deeply focused immersion in awakening your dorment sleeping self and aspects of your higher DNA, based on thousands year old, indiginous healing practices. This experience can remind you of why you came to earth in the first place and you might have the chance to truly re-member who you are, to take your full place in this time of conscious awakening. You will be invited to look at and heal past traumas and remove blockages from your system on a cellular level so that you no longer carry them with you in life, physically, emotionally and energetically.

Are you seeking  more meaning and healing within your own life? Would you like a glimpse of all that you are as a being? Do you feel like there must be more to life than what you've been presented with by society? Are you ready to release and step forward? We're all aware that it's only within the heavy pressures of the earth that diamonds are formed. This course-altering experience can show you all those beautiful facets that make up the brilliant crystal of you so that you can see which need polishing and need to be left to shine.


You are part of something much bigger...


We are entering a new time on earth, the new paradigm and Lions Gate is aimed at supporting the awakening of humanity. The re-membering of our true divine potential that has been forgotten and suppressed for so long. When we enter this multi-dimensional realm, the intelligence we call upon can connect us to a wider part of ourselves. The part that makes life feel whole again. Bringing us harmony and inner peace.


Let nature heal you


Tribes all over the planet have used plant medicine for thousands of years in connecting deeper with themselves, nature, and to heal and transform. Plant medicines are here to assist you in that healing process. Through nature and plant medicines we initiate you into a sacred portal of wisdom and truth and a profound experience of healing. If this feels like a step you have been waiting to take, then please fill in the application and if successful you will be invited to a screening process by one of our space holders via Zoom or Skype. While we would love to be inclusive to anyone, the reality is not everyone is at that point in their journey. If you feel called to this, we’d love to hear from you and we will share more detail about what the experience includes once your application is successful. 



 “This retreat has the potential to deeply transform your life. It is a portal and gateway to extrasensory states of consciousness where deep healing and transformative experiences take place"








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