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Gjøvik in Norway

Next one will be Spring 2021

We are delighted to invite you to an unforgettable stay on arguably one of the most premiere, private estates in Norway. Since you may have had your travel plans cancelled this summer, we wanted to bring one of our Helenika signature experiences to you. One of the Helenika trademarks is the picturesque locations we choose for our retreats. See below for more about this unique stay.

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Cosily nestled in the countryside along the shores of Lake Mjøsa in an area colloquially known as the ‘Tuscany of Norway’, Hoel Gård is an impressive property with a story reaching as far back as 1719, during Medieval times and boasting several baroque constructions.

The property is idyllically situated and the property embraced by the formal, terraced gardens, the lake Mjøsa herself, and an avenue of Chestnut, Orchard and Lindealléen trees perfect to take in during leisurely strolls on the property.  

What was once a working farm has been newly renovated with all modern amenities into an upscale, country-style manor, while keeping its characteristic charm, artisan style and vintage heritage. Each room has been individually furnished and contain their own boutique elegance and joie de vivre.

This makes Hoel Gård the perfect backdrop for a one-of-a-kind retreat to dive deeply into yourself, your higher nature, your purpose and feel fellowship with others as we navigate these changing times together. What we have put together for you is truly special and has been designed from the ground up for this present time.

Indulge in five full days of delectable plant-based dishes, fresh juices, tonics and teas courtesy of our onsite chef, with many of the herbs, seeds and produce grown right in the manor gardens. Experience the rejuvenating vitality of daily yoga as you stretch and support your body on and off the mat as well as other movement and mobility classes to open up and feel better in your body.  

Pause and reflect as we go deep within the world of guided meditation and mindfulness practices both indoors and outside amid the trees and terraced gardens. Enjoy lovingly crafted learning workshops replete with simple tools and practices for better day to day living.


These include a bounty of detox protocols, nutrition information, mindset and manifestation and a plethora of other things to implement in your life once back home. Learn the insider skills to cultivate better habits, shift your identity into your better self, and develop the awareness to make the best decisions for your life as they present themselves.


This retreat will feature a number of group coaching-like environments where we can own our old stories and begin writing our new ones.


There is a deep wisdom that resides within you and it is our intent to reconnect you to it, while providing insight and clarity on areas in your life that may be challenging at this time.


It is often within our areas of challenge that hold the seeds to our greatest treasures and yours await you.


There will also be plenty of time to walk the sites and the surrounding area, journal, sunbathe, read, socialize or have some you-time and reflect in peace and tranquility.

The world is going through a marked shift at the moment and it is our purpose to support you through it, empower you with the tools to thrive and set you on a clear path to success with harmony, balance and vibrant health.

Here are just some of the things you have to look forward to during your upcoming stay

  • 4 nights and 5 days of tranquility

  • Delicious & healthy plant based meals

  • Charming vintage accommodation 

  • Swims in beautiful Mjøsa

  • Daily yoga classes

  • Mobility and body opening classes

  • Breathwork/Pranayama

  • Guided meditations, Mindfulness & Stillness

  • Vedic wisdom teachings,  alchemy of one

  • Feminine wisdom teachings and flower rituals
  • Habit hacking class

  • Removing limiting beliefs

  • Detox protocols for healthy living

  • Juice fasting principles workshop

  • Workshop about water fasting and cleansing protocols

  • Group breakthrough coaching sessions 

  • Fundamentals of Manifestation

  • Processing personal challenges

  • 1 Day Liver Cleanse (optional, to be done home)

  • 1 Day  intestinal cleanse (optional, to be done home)

The optional 1 day deep cleanse kits of the intestines and the liver are best done at home and after the retreat. Channele will safely guide you through the process. 

Meet your hosts 

Tariq and Channele have been holding transformational retreats since 2011 and have held over 70 retreats across Scandinavia, Bali and south Europe. This will be the first retreat Helenika Travels hosts in Norway.

Channele is an eastern wisdom keeper and a Vedic yoga teacher. She is a detox and vitality coach and guides people through group and individual, tailor-made detox programs.

She is also an elemental alchemist as well as a feminine empowerment coach and space holder. She specialises in helping people breakthrough limitations and embody their full potential.

Tariq's background is in evolutionary and practical psychology, manifestation, public speaking and primal movement. Tariq has a talent and passion for supporting people to become their best selves, remove old baggage, reconnect to their truth, their own blueprint for life and to create the practical framework for making their dreams a living reality.

Prices & Packages


  1. Shared room 5 days all-inclusive 14999 NOK (early bird price until 1st of September)

  2. Single room 5 days all-inclusive 17999 NOK (early bird price until 1st of September)  


+2000 NOK on both options if you pay for your booking after 1st of September

Add Ons

  1. Astral Oracle Reading with Channele + 1200 NOK (usually 2400 NOK)

  2. Deprogramming & Identity Shifting with Tariq +1200 (usually 2400 NOK)

  3. One Day Chinese Medicinal Liver Flush + 3100 NOK

  4. One Day Chinese Medicinal Intestine Deep Cleanse + 2800 NOK



*Both the liver flush and intestinal cleanse are done after the retreat and include 1 on 1 coaching from Channele to guide you through the process at home

Adventure much?

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