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Our own line of juices

In all of our 10 day detox retreats we include a 4 day juice cleanse in the middle of the stay. The juices are carefully selected to boost vitality, purify the body, and bring it into a state of balance, overflow of energy and happiness.

🥒🌱🍋🍀Previous retreat participants report back to us that they are surprised how little hunger they felt while doing the juice cleanse. We are not!

Why? Because one of these 500 ml bottles equals to 3 kg of vegetables and greens. That's why we call this a juice feast rather than a juice fast.

Every day during the cleanse you will be served 3 big bottles of green vegetable juices plus one coconut water and one almond milk with raw cacao.

In your own bag of juices there is also 3 small tonics and shots of herbs and extracts ready to boost your detoxification process and help your body regenerate.

We serve a new selection of tastes every day. We use very little fruit in our juices as this throws the body out of balance with to much fruit sugar.

When you juice a vegetable compared to blending it you remove a lot of the fibers, and the body sucks the juice straight up and distributes all the micronutrients around your system and revitalizes all your cells.

A detoxing green juice cleanse is easier to do in the company of people who are doing the same so that there is very little temptations around you and food distractions. Its also easier to undergo a cleanse of this type with a vitality and detox coach (such as myself) guiding you throughout the cleanse, who also makes sure that you come out on the other side as a cleaner, more energised version of yourself.


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