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Helenika Travels is going to China 🇨🇳

We are going on a very special journey✨ and you are welcome to come. From the 7th to the 17th of October we are going to Yangzhou in China 🇨🇳

This journey is a soft introduction to ancient China 🎎🐲and the sacred arts of Qi Gong, Tai Chi as well as detoxing the body with Chinese herbs.

Learn the philosophies of Eastern medicine and dive into ancient knowledge. Join us for the Chinese highlands in Yangshuo⛰.

Yangshuo is in the region Guangxi Zhuang. Yangshuo is popular among tourists for its beautiful jagged mountain peaks, rivers, caves and temples🏯⛩

In the Taoist tradition fasting and cleansing the body is essential for good health and a good life. During this journey we are going through the holistic methods from the Daoist detox system while we practice Qi Gong, breathing, meditation and yoga.

You will be served a specific detox diet🍋🥒🥥 and we will carry out a therapeutic fasting leading to a physical cleansing of the body.

You will be put on a diet consisting of 🍶juices, purifying food, enzyme cleaners, 🌱🍃enzyme therapy, vitamin and mineral supplements, aroma therapy, tourmaline sauna, Ionic foot baths, Oxygen bath, liver cleanse, enema and an hour daily massage.

The program you are going through on this trip is focused on these areas: Nutrition, emotional balance, cleansing and flexibility, immunity and strength, therapeutic self-care, movement, and an understanding of the cosmological laws.

Every day during this journey you can join classes in Qi Gong, Yoga🧘🏻‍♀️, detox and nutrition education, and an in-depth workshop on the “Law of Attraction"🌝, manifestation, psycho-emotional reprogramming and goal setting while also seeing some beautiful nature scenery🎋

Want to come to China 🇨🇳 with us?

Contact us on detoxme@helenikatravels.com

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