• Pia Meliane

Want to become a healthier, happier and more vital version of yourself?

When last did you see a grownup person bursting with vital energy? So much that you can see their skin glow, they look healthy and energised and full of life at any age?

If you live in a modern society, you sadly don't see that many. I cant even count on one hand how many people I met recently with a western diet that are full of energy and health. It's more "normal" to meet people that are fatigued, stressed, drained and sick. But is this the normal state of our bodies? No it's not. I think we just have lost our path.

Our bodies if they are not tampered with and abused they are perfectly designed for balance and optimal health. The body has a unike and intelligent way of healing, repairing, regenerate and optimise itself.

For 12 years I have search the world for different kinds of diets, lifestyles and protocols to better understand how we can support our beautiful bodies to its highest potential. I have tried out different diets and tested many protocols and programs to feel for myself what really gives the body maximum amount of health and energy.

We now host world wide retreats with this in mind. How to restore harmony and balance inside yourself in a world that is so full of challenges, toxins and unbalance. A human body is exposed to more than 700,000 different toxic chemicals on a daily basis, and this doesn’t include the crazy poisons that GMO companies are pumping into the food supply. This is where it really becomes handy knowing how to cleanse your body and protect yourself.

I have now started coaching programs through Skype and Zoom. We bring our detox to you, with 1 on 1 personal coaching with me. I am now a certified vibrant-health therapist, a detox, vitality, weight loss and high energy coach. Helping people to feel and look better with detox programs and creating new healthy habits and routines.

After your initial free 15 minute health assessment to best understand your needs, I have a variety of programs to take you to your most vital self.

Easy to follow programs for weight loss, increased energy, meal planning, detoxification as well as treating and reversing chronic conditions through nutrition, range from 4 weeks to 12 weeks and are conducted live and online. It's much easier to get the results you seek with proper guidance and a helping hand. Be kept accountable and on track with weekly calls and follow ups. I am happy to be your guide on the way too a new upgraded you.

You will learn how to overcome food addictions, by understanding why they are there in the first place. And you can save precious time and money by avoiding common mistakes, with me guiding you on your journey towards a healthier self. Its easier to make a lasting change with a helping hand.

In my coaching programs you can learn to tune into your own body and navigate through the overwhelm of what to eat and how to move. I know the shortcuts and the tricks and I cant wait to share them with you. The focus is to increase your energy and restore vitality in your whole being.

I am a lifelong student of nutrition and I love to share my passion for health and wellness with anyone willing to listen and in need of assistance.

I only receive a handful of clients at a time to ensure each and every one has the quality and care they need. If this sounds like this could be of benefit for you please reach out to us on our coaching page.

We are ready to assist you in sculpting the best version of yourself. Press here to read more about our programs. If you are on a totally renewal path I also highly recommend breakthrough coaching with Tariq for a more complete transformation.

Lots of love and rays of lights

Pia Meliane

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