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Bali. Island of the Gods.

Some come here to find themselves. Others come to lose themselves. Ask anyone who has lived there for long enough, and they will tell you how Bali has changed them. How the island mirrored who they are they back to them so that they can see aspects of their reflection that they wish to change. Beneath its public image as a party island of bohemian beauty, lies a rich and hallowed ground for profound personal transformations. That is the Bali we invite you to explore with us. This is the Bali that we have personally grown as people through and grown to love and we want you to experience that magic first-hand.

Past guests have left our retreats and gone on to make substantial shifts in their lives, their habits, their careers and even their relationships. This is an experience for those ready to begin a fresh chapter in their lives. Where Bali is situated on the globe is where two energetic rivers, known as leylines intersect. This is what gives Bali it’s heightened ‘vibe’ that everyone talks about. Change happens faster, easier and more fluidly here and that is why we have hand-picked it to host our transformational detox retreats.

First dig up the soil, then we plant new seeds

Our retreat experience has been lovingly designed to work on you like a massage. A massage does not rely on a single stroke to release tension. It is the consistent touch that gradually dissolves the knots. This is no different. By the end you won’t be able to tell if it was a moment during a guided meditation, a sense of presence as you bow your head beneath the mountain springs of the water temple, that time you breathed in that clean air as you walked among the rice fields, those key words that you resonated with during one of the many nutritional and belief restructuring workshops, the flavours of truly natural food on your plate one afternoon or the connection shared with new friends over an afternoon tea. All of it will embrace you and envelop you until the real you shines through.

More than a typical holiday

If what you are after is a typical holiday of drinking and parties then we tell you now, this is not for you. There are plenty of holidays like that and we’re sure you will have a great time. If however you want to carve out some time from your busy life to treat yourself as you retreat into yourself and re-examine your life purpose, recalibrate your emotions and rewire your perspective on yourself and your life, then this is absolutely for you. You will have plenty of time to soak up the sun and drink coconuts, but you will also be given a wealth of tools and practices to incorporate into your life and reimagine it from the inside out, returning back home nourished, awake and full of life, ready to take on anything your life may hold. Welcome to Helenika Travels.

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