A Well Planted Heart

A Well Planted Heart

If someone had told me some 7 years ago that I would be advocating a predominantly plant-based lifestyle, I would have probably laughed them away from my steak and continued sipping my beer. Truth be known though, I was a bit hot-headed and had a short fuse. I was also prone to feeling down. I didn’t see the connection between my temper and my tenderloin. Things would rile me up without much effort and I would easily lose my cool if things took a turn. More recently, and now looking at the past few years in the rearview mirror, I see a now obvious correlation between my sense of emotional balance, the level of compassion I have for other living creatures (both human and animal) and how plant-based my diet is at the time. Well how can that be?

Reaching for it, not preaching for it

Before I dive into this let me preface this article by saying I hold no judgement to howsoever you choose to live. I grew up in the Middle East where it was not uncommon to have eggs, salami and cheese for breakfast, chicken and rice for lunch and a mixed-grill dinner. I ate animals almost 3 times a day for most of my life and never stopped to even question it until I began thinking for myself. I’m simply bringing some awareness to a few points you may want to consider as I also began to.

Lighter Food, Lighter Mood

So here’s my theory. It’s common to hear people who are eating more plant-based to say things like, “I feel lighter”, but why? Animal-derived proteins from meat and cheese are much more acidic for the body than plants are, which alkalize the body. Acid in the body causes inflammation while alkalizing substances soothe the body. Since human health is holistic and emotional imbalances manifest physically after some time and vice versa, it’s not too much of a leap to speculate that inflammatory foods can inflame your emotions and alkalizing foods can soothe them just the same. The crime reports you see on the news are rarely carried out by vegetarians. Beyond this though, beef and bone are more dense than jackfruit and celery stalks and it stands to reason that the more dense the food you eat, the more dense or ‘heavy’ you might feel, if not in your physical body then perhaps in your emotional body. Meaning, the denser the food the lower your emotions might be, especially if you are more sensitive or have a heightened awareness. Anger and fear are measured at 150 and 100 hertz respectively, so my theory is it’s easier for you to access lower vibrational feelings such as these when eating lower vibrational foods. But then, what makes meat vibrationally lower than a salad?

Language and Labels

When we buy meat at the deli, perfectly cut and wrapped in shiny plastic packaging sitting atop a Styrofoam plate, it’s easy to see it simply as the steak it’s going to be rather than the thigh or back of the cow it was before. Words like 'meat' and 'food' and 'steak' help us to dissassociate and not emotionally engage. It's the same when we use the word 'hostiles' to indicate anyone who isn't a 'friendly' in war, even when they could be women and children caught in the crossfire. Meat usually has a sticker showing an image of a turn-of-the-century red barn next to a salt-of-the-earth farmer in suspenders and a cowboy hat smiling while chewing on a barley stem. This is of course a glamorized nostalgia used to solicit our agreement for the product and to hide the ugly and now entirely-industrial truth. Let’s face it, if we were to replace this family-friendly image with one of automated steel blades, blood-soaked conveyor belts and indifferent men in white overalls with rubber gloves as screaming animals suspend in the background, that steak would be far less appetizing.

We remain complicit as a society because we are intentionally divorced from the process of what ‘processing’ truly is and severed from our connection to the slab of meat as once being a living, breathing animal by the manufacturers. Animals are transported in closed trucks in the middle of the night and these large facilities are built far away from populated areas. Out of sight, out of mind.

Language, as it is in many an industry is used to mask and falsely represent the facts in favour of the agenda or goal. “Try our prime 100% grain-fed beef burger” sounds very different than “Try our burger mashed together from ground up pieces of thousands of dead cow parts who lived in confinement eating GMO soy and corn, while being pumped with antibiotics and hormones”. If we add to this the sheer horror of how animals are treated in these torture complexes (straight out of the movie Saw in their design), then it’s easy to see these animals were not thriving but rather forcibly surviving in a state of near-constant anger, sadness and fear. These survival emotions as they are known, carry a vibrationally dense electro-magnetic charge and when we consume a lot of meat my bet is we slowly become more vibrationally dense or more prone to sadness, anger and fear as we assimilate those emotions into our bodies through routine exposure and regular consumption of them ourselves.

Simply, we ‘become what we eat’. I used to be much more fearful, angry and sad also. This isn’t such a quantum leap to understand as it’s how homeopathy works. A tincture is made from a poison which is distilled down until no poison remains, only it’s vibrational signature carried through an inert liquid like water. This signature then cancels out and treats the actual poison in the body on a vibrational level. The same is done at bioresonance clinics. Look it up. I would go further as to say the more meat you consume the more to numb to all of this you become. Even this article will seem silly to those who rely on a meat-heavy diet as it once would have to me. So, that being said, if this article seems ridiculous to contemplate or funny to you I would put money on the fact you eat lots of meat.

Compassion out of Consumption

I was surprised just how much my compassion for anything living grew just by turning to plants as my main source of nutrition. I began to empathise with the shop clerk, turning 8 hour shifts standing behind a cash register to serve indecisive people like me trying to choose a juice over the counter. I began to feel for the waitress having a bad day after being on her feet for 6 hours carrying plates to and from the kitchen. Rather than return her attitude by complaining, or not leaving a tip, I’d go out of my way to be extra polite and nice to her knowing she needs it. I began to acknowledge and smile at all the people who fill my gas, serve my food, clean floors and collect garbage to make our lives a little easier and more convenient. I began to feel people’s pain more closely. I also began shooing insects rather than squashing them. This has lead me on a path to help people feel well again and be healthy in their bodies and true to themselves in their living. Who could have guessed that would happen after eating more plants and less animals?

Your Future is on your Fork

In conclusion, I’m not waving a picket sign saying “Go vegan or go home”. I myself choose not to wear a label. When someone tells me I can’t have something it only makes me want it more, and as I know how psychology works and the hold our childish mind has on us I choose not to provoke it especially as it was a long-held behavior. Therefore, I now operate by intuition and conscious choice each time I reach for a fork. I simply ask you to step back and ask the question, “Is this meal going to serve my body and vote in the kind of future that’s best for our planet?”. Maybe consider introducing more living foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables into your day and see how it makes you feel. Hypocrites famously said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Think of what you can add in, not what you ought to take out. Start by doing it for yourself, for your own vibrant health. The compassion will naturally arise out of that in time. If we all had one more plant-based meal a week the whole world would shift trajectory towards ahimsa, meaning ‘causing no harm’. There’s power in the collective choice to do good. Did you know if we killed humans as the rate we kill animals our entire species would be extinct in 17 days? Billions not millions of animals are killed each year because we think they taste good to eat, not because we need to eat them to survive. Maybe your next meal doesn’t have to be one of them. Just a thought worth thinking and a question worth asking.


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