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Mother Nature comes in many different fragrances & flowers🌸 🌺 💐

This is a post 💌 about beauty.. and how it is not found in comparison. So many woman compare themselves with each other which in turn leads to a lot of suffering. One of the true keys 🔑 to happiness is to cherish your own unique blueprint, and that we all come in different colors, forms and shapes. That’s what makes us all differently unique and special. Learning to free yourself from the cage of comparing yourself with your friends or others or a picture portrayed by a viscous industry is so essential to really bloom as a woman🌺 or any human for that matter.

You are unique in your own way and you are your own version of a beautiful flower. And as the flowers, learn what environment, soil and nourishment you need to fully bloom. And just as in nature we have lotuses, roses 🌹, lilies, tulips 🌷, sunflowers 🌻 and so many different species of floras💐, equally we have so many different versions of woman. And the moment you go into the lower realm of comparison you loose the magic of beauty. Because beauty is not found in that sphere🔮 it is not found in competition, it is found in accepting and acknowledging that Mother Nature and the supreme Goddess comes in so many different forms. And one is not better than the other.. she never was.

If you study 📖 🌱🍃botany you will see how each flower has their own unique purpose, function and specialties. Equally men like different things. You will find one man likes something about a woman than another man don’t. It’s not one fits all but a living breathing symphony of diversity that makes life rich. Learn and embrace your special gifts from nature✨🕊To brake free from the prison of comparison you must learn to worship beauty when you see it.. breath it in.. it is all you.. it was never separate from you although it seemed that way. 🦋True beauty is the nature of your being and every time you are away from it you go looking for it. But it’s already yours. So access it from the eternal spring that already lives within you. True beauty is the nature of your nature..

Reflections from a Bali rice fields🌾 yogini🧘🏻‍♀️✨🙏🏼✨

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