• Pia Meliane

Embracing the shadow realm

Viva da floresta 🌿🍃

She breathes.. she lives.. when the world is cruel and you have to deal with so much unkindness and unlove ~ breath.. pause.. breath it all in.. it’s all you.. we live on a dualistic plane.

In the Vedic cosmology we have 7 heavenly 😇 worlds up and 7 darker worlds down..😈🌌and here on earth we are in the middle and all the realms are within you. You yourself decide which level you play at. Are you playing far down in the shadow realms or up in the higher self? We all play at the different tones depending on how we feel and behave. Some days you may be lurking far down below, leaving a trail of pain and hurt, and other times you may be flying up in angelic realms giving of an aura of high vibes that touches everyone around you✨

There is no such thing as a completely cruel human being or a completely angelic human being. We all have all aspects. Yet we all still go looking for a perfect person free from faults. You will never find this person. Everyone you meet is another version of yourself. Compassion takes you far. When you come across unkindness or unlove.. in life we look for perfection, a place to call safe and beings that feel centered. This being and place resides within you. It is always available to you and springs from you. Therefore when you silence the noice around you and tap into source you will always find Eden🍃An oasis🌿Peace🕊Sanctuary💆🏼‍♀️✨Still Point🌟

The space in between the realms.. in silence.. in between your thoughts 💭don’t look for heavenly beings without.. be one within.. at the end of the day human beings will sooner or later disappoint you. So make space in your heart for imperfection in people around you and also within yourself. We all are perfectly imperfect and that’s exactly how we are created. It is the construct of our reality and when you accept that and not fight that you get your release. When you totally can embrace the duality of this world you will be totally free 🕊it’s there for a reason.. for you to learn. What you came here to learn.

Reflections from a Bali rice fields🌾 yogini🧘🏻‍♀️

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