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Workshop in Oslo 15th of September; Treasure Yourself - Feminine essence yogini practices

Before we host our next detox adventure I am teaching a workshop in Oslo. You are invited to a different kind of yoga workshop on the 15th of September in Oslo Norway - only for woman.

What beliefs do you carry about yourself and your role as a woman that are self destructive? How are you blocking our own feminine energy and force? And how can you access more of this power to naturally attract the right men, opportunities, partners and friendships?

How can we use the mindset of yoga as well as the practice to connect to our true essence? How can we use nature and aroma therapy to connect more to the force of the feminine?

These are some of the topics we together will explore in this workshop.

Place: Yoga Låven Bekkestua Date: 15. September 12:00 - 16:00 Price: 1200,- Vipps to 40062464 to book a place.

If you also wish to join Manifestation Mastery with Tariq the same day from 16:00 to 19:00 you get both workshops for only 1800 kr. Book your spot on sms to: 40062464. If you book a spot it is lovingly, binding.

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