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My own herbal apothecary - the power of plants..

With our work we travel a lot and I always carry my own little herbal apothecary with me. Being exposed to many different countries and bacterial floras I like to be prepared and give my body some extra support and love. One of the remedies I always carry with me is "Wild oregano oil". Also called "Joy of the mountains" or "Origanum vulgare.

Oregano has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antioxidant, anti-parasitic, antibacterial, antiallergenic and antiviral properties. And as a remedy its perfectly small in a little bottle to carry with me as I try my best to travel light.

Wild Oregano Oil has a strong taste and can be quite bitter. But you do get used to it. And it's very potent. One drop is enough.

Turning to nature before I get sick steers me clear of having a severe outbreak. Ancient Greeks used oregano oil to treat bacterial infections in wounds and they also used this amazing herb in their food to get rid of bacteria. It was was also used by the Greek brides and grooms who wore a crown of Oregano during weddings.

Being a vitality and detox coach I always try to heal myself first with what I know and can - before trying conventional medicine. And what I find is that when I do my steps of self-healing first, I rarely need other more severe medications. This does not mean I am agains them. I just strongly belive that we all would benefit from first trying out some self-care and self-help steps and then see if we get better. I've found that when I do I tend to heal my condition from what I have available.

Wild oregano essential oil also contains properties that are similar to antibiotics but without causing many of the harmful side effects that are commonly attributed to high use of antibiotics, such as increased risk for antibiotic resistance, poor gut health due to destroying beneficial probiotic bacteria, reduced vitamin absorption and leaky gut syndrome due to damage of the GI tract’s lining.

I also try to include as many herbs as I can in their natural form into my diet.

So what else do I have in my travel apothecary?

Olive leaf extract, activated charcoal and a set of different essential oils and of course superfoods like chlorella and some good fats, and probiotics. I also have with me Chinese medicinal herbal teas that I bring with me wherever I go. Sunflower seed oil for oil pulling.

Wherever I come I make sure to eat plenty of fresh papaya seeds, which to my surprise a lot of people throw away, but the seeds are the healthiest part of the whole fruit. They are very beneficial for your health, full of enzymes and yes although bitter they contain amazing properties for your body.

The papaya seeds protect your body from worms and other parasitic infections. They fight bacterial infections and treat food poisoning. They also combat candida yeast overgrowth, treat viral infections and protect your liver and kidneys. You also increase your digestion.

I will write more about the amazing benefits of papaya seeds in another post. As you can see the list of benefits are long.

Never underestimate the power within a small plant.

With love and gratitude from the plant kingdom - your Vitatality and Detox Coach, Pia Meliane

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