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Let the sunshine ☀️ in

Ready for some liquid light therapy in the form of an 11 days detox, juice and yoga retreat in a beautiful tropical 🏝environment?

Away from stress, darkness and cold weather!

Last year we hosted 12 of these detox retreats all over the globe and I felt so amazing in my body and mind going through all these beautifully put together cleanses.

Even more powerful is the heightened state which we encourage you to embody and anchor during a stay with us. A state of harmony, gratitude, peacefulness, and beauty✨🕊

Practiced through spiritual principals off silence, breath work, body work and ancient wisdom from the east.

Mixed with new scientific studies and body and mind hacks for a future healthier you ~ embodying your full activated potential.

It is easier doing your first detox with guidance and care from our carefully

put together program and team.

Your next opportunity will be on the the beautiful island of Bali from the 11th to the 21st of April.

Ready to embody your full potential for 2019? Kickstart it all at a retreat with Helenika Travels ✨💫

Sending you tons of love and blessings from the radiant sun 🌞

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