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Mitochondrial ⚗️ 🧬 Detox cleanse 🧼 🧫

We are now on our second week of a mitochondrial cleanse. Had to survive some expected headaches and other detox effects which is quite normal and part of the detox. You feel worse before you feel better.

Other than that, I already feel increased energy and more flow in my body🤸🏼‍♀️ A cleanse like this can really boost your energy and your vitality🍒 The reasons to do the mitochondrial cleanse are many, one is to remove toxic and heavy metals like aluminum, arsenic, thallium, cesium, and tin. They cause fatigue, make you age faster, gain weight easier, heal slower, your whole immune system gets weekend.

Actually we went to a seminar with a world renowned doctor that claimed a lot of us die from heavy metal poisoning, not from old age.. many of the diseases we now have in our society stems from heavy metal poisoning. Alzheimer, dementia and other brain 🧠 diseases can come from the toxic exposure of heavy metals over a lifetime.

That’s why I NEVER use aluminum foil to wrap around my foods.. if you slice tomatoes 🍅 put them on a plate and wrap aluminum foil around it and place it in your fridge to the next day, the tomato will have soaked up not only micrograms of aluminum but milligrams of it. Then you eat it and in turn it compromises your mito function.

So long term effects of a cleanse like this is very important. I will from now on do a mitochondrial cleanse one time per year 🗓 and then after this we are doing another heavy metal cleanse.

Then a parasite cleanse with Paratox 🐛

Other benefits of doing this cleanse is faster metabolism, improved digestion, fresher looking skin, enhanced cognitive ability 🧠 and upgraded sleep 💤quality.

Take care of your space suit people.. we only get one per incarnation, and it is possible to avoid some of our lives biggest tragedy which is severe disease and suffering 🌝 I’m happy to put together these kind of cleanses for you too.

🧚🏻‍♀️ With love and gratitude from the plant 🌱 queendom..🦋🌷🌺

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