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Tropical🌴 Lush🌺 Jungle🦎

Let us carry you into the mysterious jungles of Bali! To the island of the Gods. To a new beginning✨ A new opportunity to transform your life, to look within yourself while being in a beautiful environment.

An 11 days immersion into the depth of who you truly are ~ your essence, bringing you back to the present, to life itself💫

This retreat is for you who are ready for growth, expansion 🌠 and fully activating your full potential on this planet 🌎 at this time of accelerated awakening.

Here is the location for our next transformational Helenika retreat. This retreat will be hosted in the lush tropical jungle in the midst of Bali🐉from the 26th of July to 5th of August!

When we peel back the layers of the old, shed the skin of that which no longer serves us, we open the doors 🚪 to new chapters, to new beginnings and new powerful potentials that might be hiding inside of us. To fully go there we need to detox different aspects of our life.We choose to host this retreat in Bali because of Bali’s heightened vibes. It’s spiritual field of transformative volcanic 🌋 energy and mama Bali’s embrace.

We still have a few more spots for this inner-outer mystery journey taking place from the 26th of July to 5th of August.

With close guidance from myself and my co~host, partner and breakthrough coach @tariq.amawi you will be gently guided through this journey on the wings 🕊 of love.

Our retreats are a blend of mixed spiritual arts 🎭 Yoga 🧘🏼‍♀️ Meditation 🧘🏿‍♂️ Manifestation 🔮 Conscious breathwork 🌬 Detox 🍋🥒 Mindfulness 🙏🏼 Inner essence activations 🌺 Body and mind hacks 🦋 Animal 🐾 Movements

Integration🤸🏼‍♀️ Sound healing 🕊 Workshops in detox, nutrition, body hacks and raw foods.

All of that mixed with a high vibe solar plant 🌱 based diet, a liquid light juice cleanse, raw organic volcanic soil activated foods🥗 in some of Bali’s most beautiful culinary places.

To learn more or apply to join us you can reach us on this email, or check out our website; www.helenikatravels.com

As we now have other ventures and journeys we will not do as many retreats this year as we hosted previous years. You can learn more about our newest venture and baby sister project to our company Helenika Travels in our next blog post.

We wish you a beautiful summer time!

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