3 Simple Tips to Create More Time Every Day

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Are you one of those who feel the days do not quite go on long enough? Do you struggle to find a good balance between everything you should "achieve" and on top of this prioritize yourself, eat healthy and squeeze in bit of yoga time?

As a detox and holistic health coach, I set up programs and food plans for my clients. I often meet people who say, "I do not have time to eat properly. The day does not have enough hours. It's too hard. I have too much to do and to take care of myself on top of that! "If you do not have time for yourself, who will have it?

If you do not prioritise yourself, nobody else will do it for you. A stressful, everyday life is something that longterm will break down your body. If the goal isn’t to ultimately feel better in yourself, then what are you running for? And is it worth it?

Here are 3 of my best tips to help you create more time for yourself:

1. Digital Detox

Depending on age, we spend between 1.5 and 5 hours on social media a day! Norwegians sit an average of 2 hours each day in front of the TV screen or with streaming services, not to mention "binge watching" Netflix. If you cut the time you spend on this in half, you will see that you have a lot of time left over.

Many people are also reluctant to leave the phone. It finds ways of entering all spheres of our lives. We not only use it like it was once intended, to be a device for connecting to people with and calling people, we now use it to escape the moments we’re in, where we feel a little awkward on the bus or train or if dinner conversation goes quiet. If you find it difficult to put it away, ask those around you if they can help you. Perhaps ask your kids to hide it somewhere easy to find but that stills requires you to look! Or insist at dinners out that everyone put their phone in a pile in the middle to and the one who picks up their phone first pays the bill!

In order to run Helenika Travels, we often have days completely FREE of devices, where we completely log off. Emails and messages are important, but less so than your ability to think and experience stillness. When you have a phone that interrupts you with a message or alert every time any one of your thousands of friends likes or comments on something, then you keep being pulled out of the moment and your creative state. When you are daydreaming or drift into thought your brainwaves slow down to aplha and that is when you have greater access to your subconscious mind and better ideas. When you are in one of these states and your phone goes off, it pulls your awareness from your inner world to your outer world and into beta frequency, snapping you out of prime idea-making.

Make it a rule that you are not to check your phone within the first hour of waking up, while your brain is in that delicate alpha brainwave state. Take a walk in nature instead. Keep your phone on full silent mode. That way you will naturally check it much less. You will soon see that being logged off gives you a lot of extra time, and what’s more you use that time much more productively because while you are logging off you’re also tuning in. Which in turn will give you a feeling of being energised.

During a day, there are many respites and pockets with time. When we run retreats, we put people on a digital detox as part of the stay where all digital screens are removed. Most people experience that suddenly there is a lot of time left over and they open the pathways to self-enquiry and deeper reflection and introspection.

2. Small drips of mindfulness

We all can enjoy a small injection with mindfulness in everyday life:

  • When you stand in line at the store, instead of being annoyed at the long queues, take the opportunity to take some deep breaths into your stomach and practice being peaceful. It’s easy to be peaceful on a beach reading a book, but when you’re in traffic or in a que, that’s when you actually practice becoming good at it!

  • While washing the dishes or sitting in traffic car, use the opportunity to activate an attentive presence and notice all the details. See what the other passengers are wearing. Look at the details in your environment. Train your powers of observation because everything is achieved through focus. If you’re washing the dishes, be present with it. Imagine each wipe of the dish brings deeper clarity to your mind and by engaging this way, it will begin to.

  • Another way to feel that you get more perspective and time is a simple meditation exercise where you sit in silence for 2 minutes, 3 times a day. Only by doing this will you experience a calm and centering where you get more energy and clarity of decision.

  • Use aromatherapy on hectic days. For example, try the De-stress Therapy Balm from Scentered , which you apply to your pulse points when you need to calm down. The scent of chamomile, neroli and mandarin will calm down the mind and reduce tension in the body.

3. Prioritise yourself!

  • A change must be made in the choices you make. You must come to the point where you are tired of anxious health, stress and low energy levels. You must actively choose yourself every day. And see the value in taking care of yourself, and as on the plane, put on your own oxygen mask before saving the ones around you. This is not selfish, it is vital. You have time, lots of it, it's just that the time you are given must be distributed in a conscious way, especially in a world constantly competing for our attention. And that choice is yours to make!

  • If you are not one of those who can stand on a yoga mat for longer periods of time, start with ten minutes. Begin with 6 sun salutations. Start with baby steps, and you'll see you're soon walking! Set the amount lower, then it's easier to reach, and as you reach the goal, you can set the amount a little higher again by extending to 20 minutes. Then you get to know the feeling and then you're more likely to continue. If you have too high demands on yourself from the outset, it often becomes too much to strive for consistently and it will not be anchored as a habit, which according to recent studies takes at least 33 days of continual repetition.

  • A mantra that has helped me on my way to better health, vitality and abundance is "no excuses!". The bad apologies do not bring you forward, they hold you back. Love always finds a way, everything else will finds an excuse.

  • So when everyday stress creeps under your feet, put away your mobile, remember to breathe, find solutions and opportunities and not apologies and problems. You can fill your life with good habits by setting up your environment to help you and bringing presence to what you are doing. Calm is only a few moments of silence away!

Wishing you time for all you enjoy,

Pia Meliane

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