ChiO Yellow Brass - EMF Protection Bracelet

ChiO Yellow Brass - EMF Protection Bracelet

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The futuristic ChiO bracelets are a culmination of decades of research and development by Ph.D. (h.c.) Don Paris, are both a union of the science of radionics and bio-resonant art and they are just as galactic as their pendant cousins. The face of the bracelet is an ensemble of interlocking faces that rest on top of eachother to form a seamless surface when closed and open like metal petals to reveal the circuitry inside. The design of the bracelet was developed by bio-resonant architects Mark Lee and Juan Schlosser who create bio-resonant buildings and homes for a living. The bracelet is constructed from alternating yellow and white brass. 


Gauranteed to get some looks when you adorn your wrist for your next outing!



      Nested within the metal, interlocking petals of the bracelet face, is a small, coin-sized circuitboard and microchip. This chip, which maybe the world's smallest wearable radionics device and frequency generator, emits a double scalar wave, creating a 2m radius field that balances and harmonises your body and pulls it back into line with natures frequency. It also counteracts the harmful effects of artificial, electromagnetic frequencies (EMF's) that are produced by devices such as mobile phones, laptops, televisions etc.


      *Under a microscope, scans were done to cells after a 10 minute mobile phone call to show that blood cells had clumped together following the call. Then after 10 minutes of wearing the ChiO, the cells appeared to go back to a healthy state and distance from one another.


      *source taken from ChiO developer

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