September Detox Retreat in Mykonos Greece

June 4, 2018




Dear Helenika Traveler! This retreat will be an opportunity for you to renew, recharge and awaken your body with healing and rejuvenating raw and superfoods, a 3 day liquid diet, meditation, relaxation, beach, yoga, animal movements and spa treatments. Come join us for a transformative inward journey in an outwardly beautiful environment.


In this blog post you can find pictures of the gorgeous villa we have rented especially for this retreat.




Price of retreat 1500 EUR


Villa Melasmia



During this 7 day experience you will be placed comfortably in true Helenika style and spirit in this beautiful villa in Mykonos. Villa Melasmia has a spectacular view overlooking the Mediterranean sea, big and spacious group rooms, and that typical white stone, Greek-feeling that we love so much.




The villa is exclusively ours for these days, so you can have peace and tranquility to go inwards, relax and enjoy.