How to deal with energy thieves

January 17, 2019


I often get the question at our retreats and in my yoga classes what to do with energy thieves? 

We all experience that one or two people around us from time to time that can be a drag on our emotional and energetic being. 


This question does not have one answer. It is a multi faceted question and just as when you look into a prism, which has many facets to it, so does this question. I will do my best to explain the way I see it.



Whether you belive in energy or not we are now at a time where science can prove that energy is a very real thing. If you walk into a room where a couple just had an argument right before you entered, you would be able to feel that something was off in the air. Or when  you can feel that someone is staring at you even though you are standing with your back to them. All of that is because of energetics and because we are all connected.



Osmosis - a natural law.


Energy always seeks to level itself out. If you are high on energy and you walk into your working space for instance with people that are low in energy, that energy will try to level itself out. It is a natural law and nothing mean about it.


However the more conscious you are, the less energy you leak, and the higher you can keep your vibe even around people with low energy. You become more aware of how you yourself are "giving" your energy away and where you are leaking. Are you saying yes, when you really mean no? Are you not standing up for yourself or others when you know that untruths are being served? Or are you just swallowing other peoples garbage or taking onboard their subjective perspective that might not even hold truth.



Be the guardian of your own energy


There is one truth that resonates highest with me and that is that no one can take your energy from you, but that you in-fact give your energy away. Having this perspective you are also not a victim of your surroundings, you choose where your energy goes, and you are also the guardian of your own chi and space which feels empowering.



But this perspective does however have modifications.

We are multidimensional and multi faceted beings.


We have a higher self. An aligned, powerful, strength and beauty self where we radiate and vibrate at our highest pitch. That side is always there and you can always tap into this aspect of yourself. Aligning yourself with this higher aspect is important, nothing and no one can touch that. The more you tune into this channel of your being, the less you are effected negatively by your surroundings.


We also have a shadowy, low vibe, dark realm side to us which includes feelings of insecurity, being insignificant, low self esteem and being mean to ourselves and others. All the lower self qualities of fear.


You can actually measure the different aspects of your energy on a scale called the hertz scale, where you vibe high or low. The lower your energetic frequency is, the more vulnerable you will be to energetic "thieves" or in fact be one yourself.







Let´s use the example of a person that lacks self love and self respect. A person like this would more likely draw to them people that are draining in nature, they would have less clear boundaries to abusive people stepping over them and use them as a garbage can. To some degree a person does allow this until they dont.


In my personal life, I have a few people that I find draining. I normally don`t surround myself around draining people. I`m selective with whom I spend my time with, as I highly value my own space and choose to spend it with the people who inspire me and our focus is to lift each other up instead of pull each other down.